Nailbed Laceration

This patient presented to the HUM Emergency Department after a motorcycle accident.  Among his injuries was a partially avulsed fingernail.  A digital block was performed and the nail was removed to reveal a nailbed laceration.  The laceration was repaired and the nail sutured in place to serve as a splint and dressing for the underlying nailbed.

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Ultrasound – 10 – Intussusception

These ultrasounds, performed by EM residents at HUM, nicely demonstrate the classic sonographic finding consistent with intussusception:  the target sign, or layers of invaginated bowel seen in cross section.

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EKG – 7 – Atrial Flutter

An 18 yr old female with a known history of mitral stenosis presents to the HUM ED with two weeks of shortness of breath and chest discomfort.

This is her EKG.  What does it show?

EKG - 7

HINT:  15 minutes later, after approx 500cc of NS, here is a look at her monitor, how does this help us?

BIGGER HINT:  Below is a video of us giving the patient 6mg of adenosine.

So what does her EKG show?

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